It Was On TV (So It Must Be True!)

Law for Cell Phones Helps Sell Phones

Montclair State University's "Inside MSU" looks at everyone's favorite $100-$250 fine, driving while using a handheld cell phone!

911? Help! I'm Driving Drunk!

It isn't unheard of for intoxicated drivers to call the cops on themselves. The only way to get pulled over faster is if your Lay-Z-Boy gets caught doing 50 in a 35.

Uh oh .. Dash Cam Video

Wisconsin lawmaker Jeff Wood recently saw the kind of internet headlines elected officials tend to want to avoid: "DUI Video Released: Rep. Wood Falls During Sobriety Test".

Here Comes Da Judge!

In this clip from Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1999, Judge Jeff Jones warns all other wrestling that his man, "Sid", is on the loose.


The phenomenon of 'sleep-driving' under the influence of Ambien has become a hot button issue in NJ. This WCBS report from May 11, 2009, featuring NJCLES faculty member Richard Uslan, examines the issue.

Billboards on the Highway to Hell

Award winning commercial for NJ DWI specialists.