Painfully Embarrassing

Don't Tase Me, Bro !

It's a shame that the particularly obstreperous drunk drivers must get tased not one time, not two times, not three times...

Snack Incident to Arrest Exception to the Warrant Requirement

This dash cam video shows that evidence of this Ohio bank robbery was not hard to swallow!

This Happened on the Section of Interstate 5 that Goes Thru N.J.

This TV show from across the pond shows a clip of a police chase in which a citizen in an SUV attempts to run the getaway car off the road ... but the credibility of the show is in question by when they call THIS New Jersey.

"TOO Stupid to be on the Internet!"

Accused of consumer fraud? Subpoenaed by the Attorney General? That's nothing a skimpy outfit and a comedy Youtube response video can't fix!

The Worst Deposition Ever

Deposition: Texas Style. Or, Texas Deposition from Hell. Or - simply, the WORST Deposition EVER. Nine minutes of heinous behavior, including the first ever depo from a man with a giant sock on his head, an assault on the cameraman, and a giant lighting apparatus knocking a woman unconscious.

The Very Worst of the Bill Gates Deposition

Watch Bill Gates' petulant - almost childlike - behavior when giving his deposition to David Boies.

What Not to Do After Receiving a Ticket

This speeder did not like the idea of waiting to 'take it up with the judge'.

Alcotest Grandpa

A Serbian man takes a swig of the Alcotest 7310.

'Here's a Dime ... Call Your Mother'

If you are an NJ attorney, 1973's the Paper Chase was perhaps the most referenced movie from your law school days. Check out this clip if the name "Professor Kingsfield" (John Houseman) still sends a chill up your spine.

"Do You
Understand That?"

Hon. Wilbur 'Bill' Mathesius attempts to defend his actions to the New Jersey Supreme Court.
In re Mathesius, 188 N.J. 496, 520 (2006)

That's What She Said

In a clip from NBC's The Office starring Steve Carrell, Michael Scott (Carrell) squirms through a deposition.