All O.J. - All the Time!

OJ Tries on the Glove

Witness the iconic moment of the trial when O.J. Simpson tries on the most important piece of evidence: the bloody glove.

Best of Bailey

Here is a clip of F. Lee Bailey weaving together many themes of the trial. A clip that plays like a Defense Attorney Hall of Fame induction video.

Fuhrman: 'OJ's Guilty Because I Say So'

Leaving his juiciest material for the end of a cross-examination that lasted several hours and stretched across two days, here is a clip of the end of F. Lee Bailey's cross-examination of Mark Fuhrman.

'If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit!'

A clip from the closing arguments (and the most famous moment from the entire trial).

Johnnie's Summation

The first installment of a multi-part series showing the complete closing arguments of Johnnie Cochran and Barry Scheck.

More of Johnnie at His Finest

This is the second installment of Johnnie Cochran's summation - we pick up at the start of the day on September 28, 1995.

More of Johnnie's Closing Argument

Part three of four: Johnnie Cochran's summation; September 28, 1995.

The Final Part of Johnnie's Summation

Part four of four: Johnnie Cochran's closing argument; September 28, 1995.

Barry Scheck on DNA

This is the first part of Barry Scheck's closing argument on September 28, 1995.

Barry Scheck Pt. 2

The second installment of Barry Scheck's 9/28/95 closing.

Barry Scheck Pt. 3

Part three of Barry Scheck's riveting 9/28/95 closing. Classic, must-watch material for defense attorneys everywhere.

Barry Scheck Pt. 4

Part four of the 9/28/95 Barry Scheck closing.