NJ Attorney Advertising

Test Patterns Have Higher Ratings than "The New Jersey Expungements Show"

New Jersey Expungements may be able to clear your New Jersey criminal record like nobody's business, but CBS probably isn't giving "The New Jersey Expungements Show" a spot on the primetime schedule anytime soon.

Thank God! We Finally Have the Answer!

Bagolie-Friedman, is the Jersey City firm specializing in personal injury and lawyer jokes.

After Your Summation, Can You Check Me for a Hernia?

Martin T. McDonough MD, JD in Woodstown, NJ can handle a medical malpractice case with the aid of his experience as a doctor.

And Our Clients All Smoke

This commercial is for Donini & Ramsey in Trenton. Very obviously in Trenton.

What Happens When You Hire the Stupid

Pirolli & Pirolli specialize in workman's comp and disability cases. And they promise a better receptionist than this one.

Got a Ticket? So Let's Dance!

Donini & Ramsey of Trenton employ the toe-tapper technique of attorney advertising.

A Commercial with ZERO Production Values

No background + no music + no script = a commercial with ZERO production values! Laufer, Knapp, Torzewski, Dalena & Sposaro of Morristown let their record do the talkin.

Bias & Hatred against NJ Bicyclists

The civil rights issue for our time, Ridgewood's Seigel Law Firm handles bicycle accidents, and the discrimination they face as two-wheeled travelers. Get Al Sharpton on the phone!

Obviously Shot in the Part of LBI with Mountains

In this spot for, the only thing missing to create the perfect Jersey setting is a sign that reads "Pacific Coast Highway" in the background.

Everything is out-of-focus! I should sue! 

In the time it takes you to type in, you can view this commercial twice.

Elder abuse? MAKE THEM PAY !! speciailizes in making perpetrators of nursing home neglect wish they were never born. Check out this piece of their "Legal Straight Talk" series.

Sample Will:
"I have nothing. I owe much. The rest I leave to the poor."

Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq., a Middlesex County, NJ trial attorney has a video blog offering legal advice. In this installment of his video blog, he covers the topic of competency to sign a will.

Oops! Doc Missed the Broken Back!

Here, check out a promotional spot from Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C., of Teaneck, a firm specializing in personal injury cases, particularly negligence accidents.

The Dog Bite Expert!

Red Bank's John F. Marshall is NJ's go-to dog bite guy. An experienced attorney, Marshall is there for you if you've had an unpleasant run-in with a pooch.

The Great Back Hoe Caper!

John F. Marshall, Esq. of Red Bank is also well-versed in how to represent the victim of a construction accident.

"God Doesn't Want Us to Have Debt !"

William H. Oliver, Jr., Esq. of Toms River explains the unfairness of bankruptcy. And apparantly another important voice has weighed in.

"If I declare bankruptcy, will it mean I'm broke?"

Lee M. Perlman, Esq. of spells it all out for his potential clients.

"We Recently Plunked Down 100K in Expenses for a Client!"

Seigel Law Firm of Ridgewood, NJ believes in going the extra mile. Here is their spot for medical malpractice cases.

She Knows More About Me Than I Do!

Thinking about a divorce? Morristown's Alison C. Leslie, Esq. will know so much about you, it's bound to raise questions.

YIKES! Legal Malpractice!

Andrew Rubin, Esq of Montclair handles business law, litigation, and making other attorneys shake in their boots.

Home of the Liberty Preserver

Schwartz & Posnock have offices across the upper-half of the state, and criminal defense is their cup of tea.

Monmouth County's Most Tasteful Decor

Not only is the law office of Dwight P. Ransom, Esq. a place to find representation from an attorney with a broad area of practice, but the waiting room is an absolute delight.